The Flow of Painting that You Must Know

The Flow of Painting that You Must Know – Before making a painting or drawing, it is certain that you must determine film izle what genre you will create later. This is so that it can help you make a painting easier. Maybe those of you who really have a hobby of painting must already know what styles exist in this artwork.

Now here we will discuss a little about the flow – the flow of painting that must be known by beginners in the world of painting. Painting itself becomes a work that is very interesting for us to see, because to have skills like this is not an easy thing for everyone. In essence, if you want to be a painting artist or painter, that person must have expertise in making an image.

But in fact, not only do you have to be able to draw to be called a painter, but that person must also be smart in determining the shape and color of the image. Then they also have to have lots of interesting ideas when they want to draw so that the results they make do not get bored seen by others.

The Flow of Painting

Do any of you here who are reading wish to have that calling? Or is this being a painting artist. This is usually already destined from birth, because if the person does not have a hobby in that part, then they want to be forced, however, this will not be able to change.

As you know, the painting itself must have characteristics, themes and techniques that are usually called style or commonly referred to as flow. To express these three things, the style of a painting itself can be classified into three types, such as representative, deformative and non-representative.

Representative Painting Category

For this Representative Category, it is a form of an image that is made in accordance with its original form or form, it reveals a real life starting from nature and everything that lives among humans every day. That way, the art can be said to be painting with real objects.

Henceforth, the streams of painting that fall into the category of Representative painting will be explained as follows:

  • School of Naturalism

The flow of naturalism, if you look at the name alone, you know what the meaning of this flow is. This flow is an image that is made with a real condition on an object in this world, to paint an object in real life, there are many things that must be paid attention to and must be really careful so that the image can match its form. real of the object. So here we will give some figures in painting with the flow of naturalism, namely Wahidi, Abdullah Suryobroto, Basuki Abdullah, Pringadi, Rubens, John Constabel, Thomas Cole, William Bliss Baker.

  • Realism school

For this one genre, namely the flow of Realism in which a painting is made or drawn in exactly the same way as the subject and object used or in this world. The most important thing is not to use illustrations and in terms of form, it is really made according to the object and subject. This makes the flow of realism less dramatic. For figures with the flow of realism are Gustave Courbet, Wardoyo, Trubus, Tarmizi, Dullah, Jean Francois Millet, Edouard Manet.

  • Stream of Romanticism

This flow is sometimes called romanticism which is actually not quite right. This flow expresses a theme that is still representative but in a dramatic way. For example, showing a terrible event or important events in history dramatically. For figures with the flow of romance are Raden Saleh, Francisco Goya, Caspar David Friedrich, J.M.W Turner.

Deformative Art Category

Then for the Deformative Category itself is a painting technique created by changing the original form of an object that they will make as material for the drawing or painting. If so, the result of the shape will be different and there will be no impression of a similarity from the original form or object. For Deformative Art, it has four types of flow of painting which we will discuss as below.

  • Impressionism flow

This one flow is a flow of painting by depicting an object with a simple impression of the shape or form of a state that exists in everyday life in humans. For figures with this genre are S. Sudjojono, Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne, Paul Gauguin, Georges Seurat.

  • Surrealism flow

Then the second stream is a work of painting in which an image is created or painted by changing something that is not visible or real to be seen as real, for example, like painting a human flying or floating. Usually this picture is depicted as if someone is dreaming. For the figures of this surrealist school are Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Frida Kahlo.

  • Cubism school

The third is painting with cubism in which an image is created by simplifying a real object into a cube or a rectangular area and it can also be other geometric objects. Figures from the cabbage genre are Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, and Juan Gris.

  • Expressionism flow

The latter is a flow of painting which accentuates an expression from within the painter’s soul. So the point is that Expressionism is more concerned with individual expressions of artists than imitating nature. The figures of expressionism are Affandi, Edvard Munch, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.

Non-representative Art Category

Nonrepresentative is a style that does not represent something which is the opposite of representative. The basic form of this style has left its original form or does not imitate nature at all. Paintings are only filled with simple geometric shapes, a collection of lines, or only blocks of color free from natural forms such as portraits of human faces, landscapes and so on.

  • Abstract Expressionism Flow

This genre usually uses a spontaneous expression to create an abstract work. With a painting model like this, usually the painter will spill the paint onto the canvas and will make a picture of the paint. Figures of Abstract Expressionism include Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, Helen Frankenthaler, and Clyfford Still.

  • Formalism flow

For the flow of formalism is a painting technique which uses basic geometric shapes such as rectangles, rectangles, triangles or a collection of lines. Figures of this genre include Jasper Johns and James McNeill Whistler.

So those are the techniques you have to learn if you want to become a painter. So from the three categories above, then you can choose one of them. It is impossible for you not to choose from all of these types. This is if you choose all of them, it will confuse you, so that the image that is made will not be perfect because it is not followed completely.


The Definition of Abstract Painting

The Definition of Abstract Painting – If you just read the name, you can imagine how the painting looks, right? So it’s no wonder that you already know what is meant by abstract. However, for those of you who are beginners and still don’t know the meaning, you can get the answer here.

Abstract is one of the streams of painting in which a painting shows an irregular shape and it can also be said that the painting does not even have a realistic or natural form. In another sense, the shape of the painting does not have the appearance or appearance of objects or objects that we usually see every day.

Then this abstract painting is also one of the paintings using an artistic imagination that is processed by the artists in searching for the essence of the object so that the shape of its own form becomes unique and can be accepted by others. If you want to find the form of a painting from this abstract flow, you will not find it in real life.

Characteristics of Abstract Painting

To recognize this, you can usually pay attention to the color of the paint on the canvas. Usually these artists shed various colors of paint and then began to mix with their brush so that they were able to create a unique image or painting for other people. In the manufacture itself, abstract paintings are quite sensitive in color composition and usually always use watercolors.

If you pay attention to yourself that abstract painting itself has more fluid because it can be clarified by figurative abstraction and paintings which are things that are not real or what are commonly called non-visualism. This can include emotions, sounds or other spiritual experiences.

Surely you will also be wondering what the abstract figurative meaning is. So here I will explain it to all of you who are reading this article. This understanding is a simplification of an object from its reality in which the detailed parts of the object are removed but still leaves little essence even if only a few points of the original form can be recognized.

How to Make Abstract Painting Easily

Are you also interested in making an abstract painting? If so, then here I will also provide a little knowledge about making an abstract painting that you don’t know yet. Don’t go anywhere the explanation is below.

To create a work of painting with an abstract flow, you have to prepare everything or materials needed to draw basically. With the complete ingredients that you have prepared, it will be easier for you to do the drawing process.

  • Tools Needed

To make an image, of course you will need a tool, because without using tools, you will definitely not be able to make something like a painting. For the tools needed include pencils, canvas, acrylic paints, brushes and other complementary tools if you have them.

  • Prepare the Canvas

If you have prepared the tools for drawing as above then the second thing is that you have to have a canvas and then you prepare it. For canvas you can use any size according to your wishes. For the background color of the canvas that you want, you are free to choose your own. However, I recommend using Gesso to coat the canvas with a touch of color. This layer will dry quickly.

  • Select And Prepare Paint

For the paint yourself, you are free to decide whether you want to use any type of paint according to your needs, but here I recommend using acrylic paint more, because in my opinion using acrylic paint is better than using oil paint. The reason is that acrylic paints are odorless and they have a faster drying time.

Then you do the abstract image that you want, the shape and color are things that you can determine yourself because abstract is a painting that has no form so that it will usually be seen in terms of colors that are considered attractive and unique in the eyes of the enthusiast.

So that is the meaning of abstract flow painting which I have explained a little to all of you. Hopefully this can be really useful for all of you.


Do You Already Know What The Meaning Of Painting Is

Do You Already Know What The Meaning Of Painting Is – Do you know what is meant by painting? If I guess for sure there are still many of you who still don’t know what is meant by works of painting. If someone answers that painting is a work that is drawn and then gives a color in the form of paint, then that answer is not wrong.

However, to be clearer, painting is a work of art which includes two-dimensional processing activities starting from a three-dimensional object to get a certain meaning and impression. Usually this will involve an emotion, expression and an idea that is full of the full uniqueness of the creator.

Painting is also a branch of fine art, but painting is more precisely an object development using the drawing method. To get a painting there are also things that you must pay attention to, such as requiring a subjective concept of speech such as having or being able to translate what is in the object of the image, it can also be from themes and ideas in a representative manner.

Then it can also be said that painting is a painting that has a more complex style or style. The techniques and materials used can also be more diverse than drawing in general. So this answer is more complex than the answer that I explained earlier or rather in the first paragraph.

Understanding Painting According to Experts

If what is explained as above is an explanation or meaning that is commonly used by people basically. So this one we will also discuss the meaning of painting according to experts. Are you curious? Different artists or experts must have their own understanding of painting in this world, this depends on the view or perspective of the artist.

  • According to Mayers “In Sahman, 1993: 55”

According to him, the understanding of painting in terms of the manufacturing process.

  • According to Cleaver “1966: 1-2”

Fine art is an object that has the ability to express and evoke experience in a discipline.

  • According to Myers, “1962: 156”

Through these technical tools, painting expresses intellectual, emotional, symbolic, religious and other subjective values.

  • According to M. Adler

Painting can be interpreted as something that gives pleasure.

  • According to Aristotle

Painting is something that is both good and fun.

  • According to Galeria Fasya Art Studio

Painting is a branch or part of fine art where the form of painting itself is a two-dimensional “dual dimension” work, although it has the same basic meaning as fine art, painting has more meaning because painting is a more complete development than just drawing.

  • According to the Indonesian National Encyclopedia, “1991: 525”

Art comes from the Latin word “ars” which means the ability to express ideas in aesthetic thinking, including realizing the ability and imagination of creating objects, an atmosphere that can create a sense of beauty.

Then there are other experts who say that a painting or painting can contain representations of nature such as portraits, animals, landscapes. It can also contain abstract images which are simplifications of natural forms. Or contains expressive expressions from the artist in the form of a composition of non-representative forms (not resembling anything).

Knowledge of Painting

So, those are some of the explanations or meanings according to experts or what we are more familiar with the word artist. From the various types of understanding from the experts, it has various types of meanings that vary from the creator to the recipient.

If you pay attention, not everyone can accept all types of paintings that have been made well. Because the most certain thing is the needs and tastes of everyone which will be different. Maybe there are some people who have the same taste but this is very difficult for us to find.

If you want to learn other things, you can find them anywhere according to your wishes. To get knowledge there is no limit in this world, because this is according to the wishes of each. Even for science, it is a very big asset not for human life in the future. So there is nothing wrong if we really want to keep learning.

Hopefully a little explanation from this article can be helpful and useful for all of you. If you like this article, it can help to share it with people closest to or around you such as friends and family.


Understanding Techniques and Painting Methods That Are Good And Correct

Understanding Techniques and Painting Methods That Are Good And Correct – For beginners in painting, if you are reading this article, don’t skip it. This is something you have to really understand and know what to do. If you are already an expert or senior, it is no longer a secret if you know this discussion already. Let’s look at it together, I will explain it for you beginners.

To become an artist is not an easy thing as people think. Moreover, if you want to be a painting artist, it is not impossible. In fact, to become a painting artist you must have luck from birth, why is that? Because if you don’t have the skills to draw, the ability to become a painter is something that is rarely achieved by everyone.

So if you want to be forced somehow this will be difficult to learn. With those who are lucky to have drawing skills and have a hobby of drawing then they have the opportunity. At least they already have one of these advantages. Then they only need to understand the next steps such as giving color and have very interesting ideas so that their paintings can be of various types.

If you really have these ideals then there is nothing wrong with being more active in studying, such as understanding and understanding what is meant by painting and what is needed in making a work of painting. As below, I will explain a little about the techniques and ways to create paintings or paint.

Techniques And Painting Methods Are Good And Correct

To fulfill the requirements of good and banar painting, you must have various types of skills in drawing and appreciating something into a work of art. So in painting you must understand and understand and must have certain techniques and methods so that the image you make as a painting becomes a very amazing appearance.

But actually a work of painting itself also really needs various types of interesting and different themes. This technique also really depends on the theme and genre that you will choose later as a painting. So you have to be able to determine the theme that you will choose and the objects that will be used. After that, it will be easier for you to use this technique.

If you are confused about what is meant by theme, then you can read the previous article which I have fully explained about the themes in a work of painting.

Determining a Theme or Determining an Idea

Before starting to paint, the first thing you pay attention to is a theme or idea in the painting that you will create later. You can use various methods as long as you have the right theme and you have determined it.

If you are confused about looking for a theme or idea that you will become a painting, I will give a few suggestions for all of you so that you don’t have to bother imagining the theme.

For that, please refer to as below:

  • Developing the imagination of what we are thinking or from the thoughts / experiences of others
  • Seeing the subject or object to be painted, for example, a beach scene, a market atmosphere, a forest scene, an urban mountain or it could be a village, actually there are many more, but surely you know what this means.
  • Look for inspiration from books and magazines
  • Look for inspiration from the internet or social media
  • Visit a gallery or art museum.

Using Techniques – Techniques to Create Paintings

For the following, this is the next step when you have determined or already got a theme that you will paint later. That way, this is the easiest stage, namely you only need to use your drawing skills.

So to paint you can use a special technique that is usually used by famous artists by using paint that is painted onto a canvas. The technique is below, don’t miss it.

  • Make a sketch, then finish the details
  • Making underpainting paintings and then coloring them with thin paint (oil painting technique)
  • Using a dry brush and a wet brush. Dry brushes (brushes used without paint solvent) are great for making small details, while wet brushes (brushes treated with paint solvent) can quickly cover large areas.

So that’s the discussion this time that I can convey to all of you who have taken your time to stop by my article. Hopefully this article can be useful and help you in finding or learning to paint. If there is a word wrong then I apologize and thank you again.


There are 6 Types of Themes in the World of Painting

There are 6 Types of Themes in the World of Painting – Come back to me in the next article where we will discuss painting as you know it yourself. Previously, we will discuss the themes that you can use if you want to create a work of painting. You need to know that determining a theme will make it easier for you to interpret what your goals are.

For those of you who are new to the world of painting, you also have to look for more understanding and what is in the world of painting. If you are old or advanced, there is no need to doubt your expertise. Even so, you can also give your knowledge to people who are still in the learning stage or who are often called beginners.

Painting is also a very unique work of art that not everyone has. To make a painting, everyone must have the ability to draw and determine the appropriate color choices so that the painting can be accepted by others. If indeed someone does not have talent in painting, then they will not be forced to have that ability.

6 Types of Themes in the Painting

So there’s no need to linger anymore, to find out what themes exist in the world of painting and themes that you can use as below:

  • The Relationship Between Man and Himself

To make a work of painting, you can also use an idea or ideas from yourself. This may be easier to imagine because the object you are going to use as a painting is yourself. For example, you can use your own face as the object or subject of the painting that you are going to make.

  • Relationships between humans and other humans

Now this second is a technique which is not far from the first technique or theme, where the object or subject of the painting that you are going to create is a picture or face of another person that you will use as an idea or painting idea. Those people that you can use are like family, friends or people around you. For the problem of age and appearance, it is not a standard, but the person is willing or not to be the object of the painting that you are going to make.

  • The Relationship Between Humans and Surrounding Nature

For the third one, this is a very interesting theme and you can find it anywhere. Especially when you wake up and open your window and look outside, you can get a variety of inspirations with your first gaze when you wake up. Examples include views of mountains, forests, sea, rivers, villages and it could be views in urban areas.

  • The Relationship Between Humans And Surrounding Objects

As explained above is nature, but this is the objects around you that you can make as the subject or object of your painting later. To find ideas or ideas in objects around you is a very easy thing. So the inspiration that you can use will not end, because in each of your daily activities you will definitely be closely related to these objects.

  • The relationship between humans and their activities

Various activities of everyday life sometimes spark an idea to paint. Human activities can be depicted directly in a painting, or simply inspire the expressions and emotions the artist wants to express. So in every activity that you find interesting, you can make an idea or idea as a painting that you will make later.

  • The Relationship Between Man and the Realm of Delusion

Imagination or delusion that sometimes suddenly comes across or is contemplated, whether consciously or unconsciously (while sleeping) is a great inspiration and theme to paint. So all dreams and hallucinations that pass in your mind can be captured and made into a theme as the object of your own painting.

Those are the 6 themes that you can use or become an idea when you want to make a painting. So you have to have the right idea so that the image or painting that you make can look perfect and be well received by people who will enjoy all your artwork. So determine first before making it.

Hopefully this article can help all of you in determining a theme when you want to make a work of painting. If this article is interesting then it is helpful to share it with friends or people around you. Sorry too if there is a wrong word from me. Thank you and happy return to your activities.


Facilities and Materials in Painting Art

In human life, art can be expressed through various means and various ways to create a work of art. In ancient times, ancient artists still used simple materials to create a painting (painting).

Then the painters tried to roam around the environment to get pigmented materials (colors) in order to create a painting. These materials such as lime, charcoal, berian, crustaceans and other minerals are extracted from the soil.

Likewise with tempera paint which is a material made from eggs and became the most popular material in the 15th century before being replaced by oil-based paints (oil paints). At that time oil paints and watercolors dominated all of painting until the 1940s before acrylic paint was invented. In the 20th century, artists then tried to combine various media, tools and materials to create painting artworks that defied human conceptions and art aesthetics.


  • Enkaustik

Enkaustik is a hot wax painting which is durable and one of the main techniques. This technique was first used by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans to paint on panels and walls. The word Enkaustik comes from Greek which means to burn. The tools used are in the form of a brush and spatula into the painting field until it’s finished. Then the artist will light the torch and reheat the candle so that it seeps into the image area.

  • Tempera

Egg tempera is a painting tool that uses beaten egg as a paint material. Mixing egg white with paint is usually referred to as Clarum or Glair. This technique was popular with medieval manuscript illumination painters. Then the painters made use of a mixture of egg yolk and paint which was called egg tempera.

  • Fresco

Fresco is a language from Italian which means fresh. This technique is a painting method that applies a mixture of pigment and water directly to the chalk-plaster layer on the wall that has just been applied. Then the liquid will be absorbed by the plaster layer when it dries, so the pigment will blend with the wall. This technique was known in Minoan, Ancient Greek and Roman culture long before it was used by Michaelangelo and other painters during the Renaissance.

  • Oil paint

Oil paint was used as a painting material for some time before the Renaissance, but is widely used in northern Europe rather than Italy itself. Jan Van Eyck is a perigel Flemish painter and succeeded in convincing the Vanesia people and Italians to Europe in general to switch to oil paint as a material for canvas painting, especially portrait painting. In the 15th century, the advantage of using oil paints lies in their strength and flexibility.

  • Watercolor

Watercolor or aquarel is a painting material that uses pigments and seawater solutions. The colors produced by this watercolor are transparent, so they require a bright surface to create a glow, such as white paper. The advantages of using watercolors developed rapidly in the 18th and 19th centuries in Great Britain, especially the works of J. M. W. Turner. More recent painters include Emil Nolde and Paul Klee who have succeeded in exploiting the sleekness and refinement of watercolors.

  • Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paints are paints that are made from a mixture of pigments and acrylic polymer emulsions. This paint was developed in the 1940’s and is utilized by many modern artists for its dry speed and durability. The advantage compared to other paints is that this acrylic is soluble in water when wet, but it dries quickly and has long-lasting properties. Watercolors can be used in transparent applications like watercolors or in thick impasto applications like oil paints. The sixth Mexican mural artist Orozco and Siqueros used this material.

So those are the materials used by ancient artists or what can be called ancient artists. For painting lovers, it must be fun, not knowing the origin of the materials to make a painting. There are still a lot of tools and materials that you can find and use them to create a work of painting. If you want to know anything then you can look for various references on the internet.

There are many more tools and materials that you can use, because the use and selection of painting materials does not have to come from other people but our own desires. Hopefully this article can help you and thank you.